About Company

Introduction :

McTough medicine distribution company PJS was established on 18/10/1995, under registration number 116921 and holds on official license No.10155, issued by the ministry of health and medical education. McTough medicine distribution company PJS is one of the major distributors of medicine in Iran, been authorized to export and import medicine.

Central distribution :

With executive & scientific personnel our executive team consists of a PHD in industrial engineering, having many years of executive experiences in major organization and industries of the country "production and distribution sectors", pharmacologist, health engineer, finance commercial experts & administration expert. Utilizing information technology (IT) and computer networks with the help of the IT specialists, enabling us to easily communicate between central department and distributions center round the clock/online. Utilizing skilled visitors to cover the whole 22 areas of Tehran, Karaj and its suburbs; telemarketing system , fast delivery and transportation facilities.

Distribution in other provinces :

We have exclusive agents (branch) in all provinces of Iran .each one of our agent benefits from the required facilities, such as warehouses authenticated by office for supervising the medicine affairs; technical manager marketing facilities and transportation and team of visitors graduated in related studies.

Warehouse :

Standard warehouses, covering with approx 5000 m2 conformed by authenticated by the related organizations, having suitable chilling and heating systems in different parts of the country.